Fun Facts About Malaysia’s Flag For Kids

Known by many phrases like the ‘Food Paradise’ and ‘The Land of Beautiful Islands’, Malaysia makes Asia’s hidden gem, not yet explored well. The good stuff about Malaysia ranges from good food to scenic beauty, to rich cultural heritage and much more. Interestingly, in terms of land area, the country is almost the same size as Mexico.

Going to Malaysia means witnessing dynamic cities with amazing food, serene beaches, idyllic islands as well as parks which have stunning wildlife – all of this is coupled with the warm hospitality that the Malaysians have to offer. Speaking of the national flag of Malaysia, it’s a uniquely crafted flag that represents its people and its land. The design comprises of 14 original states of Malaysia. The flag is also called Jalur Gemilang – or Stripes of Glory.

Basic Description of The Flag

The Malaysian flag has 14 alternating white and red horizontal stripes with a yellow crescent along with a 14-point star on top of a blue rectangle in the corner. The flag was adopted in May 26, 1950, but the present version got updated in 1963.

History of The Flag

The history of Malaysian flag is quite dense as there were separate flags for each state within Malaysia before the national flag was ever created. Most of these are still used and apparently, the designs have not been altered either. The first national flag raised in Malaysia had a design of the Federation of Malaya back in 1963. However, soon there was a debate revolving around having a national flag for which a contest was launched where there choices were selected for the flag.

The third flag was selected in 1950, and raised in 1957. The only difference was of the number of points on the star and the number of stripes in the flag. Mohammed Hamzah designed that flag in just two weeks of time. Over time, the designs kept changing owing to the stripes and points being added to showcase additional territories of Malaysia. The flag at present, was officially adopted in 1963.

Symbolism Of The Flag

The 14 horizontal stripes and stars represent the federation of the member states and federal territories along with the unity and solidarity amongst the federal territories and the 13 member states. The crescent moon on the flag represents the nation’s official religion which is Islam. Apart from that, the colors of the flag have a different meaning too.

The blue canton symbolises unity of the people of the nation, whereas the yellow colour represents the royal color of Malay rulers which is represented via a crescent moon and yellow star placed in the canton, on the Malaysian flag. The red, blue and white colors hint towards the close association of Malaysia with the Commonwealth too.

Fun Facts About Malaysia’s Flag For Kids

Here are some interesting facts about the Malaysian flag that will add to your knowledge and may amuse you as well.

  • An architect designed the Malaysian flag. He is known by the name of Mohamad Hamzah, 29 years of age.
  • The ratio of the flag is divided into the proportion of 1:2.
  • It is used for both, national and civil purposes.
  • The flag of Malaysia was designed on the basis of two existing flags the flag of Majapahit and the flag of Johor.
  • Unity and cooperation are two things that the flag symbolises primarily.
  • The National Day celebrations require the citizens to fly the Malaysian flag in their homes, offices, buildings and related places.
  • The flag raised via home, should point towards the road.
  • The flag anthem is performed on Hari Merdeka, the nation's independence day on 31 August every year.
  • According to some, the Malaysian flag design was also influenced by that of the United States.
  • The flag comprises of radiant colors which are appealing to sight and makes it stand out from the rest of the flags.
  • The crescent moon and star represent Muslim population, but is different in color than other Muslim Population flags like that of Pakistan which has a white crescent moon and white star.

On a concluding note, it can be said that the Malaysian flag is different in its own way and though there is a close resemblance that it shares with the United States flag, it can be claimed to be accidental. Though it was modelled on the British East India Company flag – however, the symbols within the flag (stripes, crescent and moon) represent various aspects of the Malaysian society, beliefs and culture along with ideology as a whole.

Therefore, it would be reductionist to claim that the Malaysian flag is a copy of United States flag. It was designed by an architect in a contest, who probably integrated ideas over the world with that of his own to come up with the masterpiece. Nonetheless, it makes a respectable flag.

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