Sindh Rural Vs Sindh Urban

As we all know that Pakistan is a densely populated country which comprises of four provinces or in other words, administrative units. One of those provinces is known as Sindh which has 30 districts. These 30 districts are further divided into tehsils. According to research, Karachi is the most densely populated city district in Sindh, which is subdivided into the regions of South, West, East, Central, Korangi and Malir districts.

Karachi – The City of Lights

Characterized by its mesmerizing nighttime glow and pristine shoreline, Karachi is a region that has both, urban as well as rural areas. The city’s uniqueness is not just limited to that but is much more diverse in terms of socio-cultural aspects too. Though urban districts are more versatile in terms of race and religion. Where most people usually speak Sindhi, Seraiki, Thari and Balochi in rural districts, in the urban districts Urdu, Punjabi and Pashto are common too.

Many hospitals, rural health centres, libraries, educational institutions, major roads, farm to market network are a reality of today’s rural Sindh but seldom have any of these contributed to the improvement of development indicators. Millions of rural dwellers live with Hepatitis C, hundreds of children die of measles, infant mortality ratio refuses to improve, women health initiatives remain low, medicines don’t exist in the hospitals and doctors refuse to pay attention.

Sindh Rural meaning

Sindh rural can be defined as the part of Sindh which primarily faces a deficit in terms of resources and facilities available, and is deemed to be facing extreme poverty and unemployment. Areas like Badin, Sanghar, Tharparker and Dadu are labelled under the Sindh Rural districts owing to the inadequate medical facilities along with a range of other factors too.

Sindh Urban meaning

Sindh urban can be defined as the districts in Sindh which relatively are better off then the ones in Sindh Rural. Sindh Urban has better access to goods and services as well as resources like medical facilities and education. It is also more diverse in terms of race, infrastructure, transportation and communication and many other factors. Areas like Karachi and some regions of Hyderabad and Khairpur are considered to be a part of Sindh Urban.

Below is a table that lists down all Sindh Rural cities and Rural areas along with Sindh Urban cities and Sindh Urban areas.

Sindh Rural Cities Sindh Urban Cities Sindh Rural Areas Sindh Urban Areas
Badin Badin Sukkur District:
(a) Mirpur Mathelo Taluka
(b) Ubauro Taluka
(c) Dharki Taluka
Sukkur District:

a) Sukkur Municipality
b) Rohri Municipality
Bhirkan Sukkur Shikarpur District:
(a) Shikarpur taluka excluding Jagen.
Supervisory Tapedar Circle:
(b) Khanpur Taluka
(c) Chak Town
(d) Muhammad Bagh Supervisory Tapedar Circle of Lakhi Taluka
(e) The following Tapedar Circles of Lakhi supervisory tapedar circle of Lakhi Taluka:
(i) Buriri (ii)Rustam
Ghotki District:

a) Ghotki Municipality
b) Mirpurmathelo Municipality
Rajo Khanani Larkana Larkana District:
(a) Larkana Taluka excluding Bero.
Chandio Supervisory Tapedar Circle:
(b) Dokri Taluka
Larkana District III:
(a) Ratodero Taluka
(b) Miro Khan Taluka
(c) Shahdadkot Taluka
Khairpur District:

a) Khairpur Municipality
b) Gambat Municipality
c) Pirjogoth Municipality
Chak Jaccobabad Badin District:
(a) Matli Taluka
(b) Tando Bago Taluka
Shaheed Benazir Abad District:

a) Nawabshah Municipality
Dadu Nawabshah Tharparker District:
(a) Mirpur Khas Taluka
Tharparker II:
(a) Kot Ghulam Muhammad Taluka
(b) Samaro Taluka
(c) Umerkot
Taluka Tharparker III:
(a) Chachro Taluka
(b) Mithi Taluka
(c) Nagarparker Taluka
(d) Diplo Taluka
(e) Kotri Taluka
(f) Thano Bula Khan Taluka
(g) Sehwan Taluka
Naushehro Feroze District:

a) Moro Municipality
Digri Dadu Dadu District:
(a) Dadu Taluka
(b) Johi Taluka
Dadu District III:
(a) Khairpur Nathan Shah Taluka
(b) Mehar Taluka
Larkana District:

a) Larkana Municipality
b) Ratodero Municipality
c) Naudero Municipality
Diplo Tando Allahyar Sanghar District:
(a) Shahdadpur Taluka
(b) Tando Adam Taluka
(c) The following supervisory Tapedar circle of Singharpur Talukas:
(i) Khadro (ii)Sinjoro
(d) Singhoro Town
(e) Khadro Town
Kamber/Shahdadkot District:

a) Shahdadkot Municipality
b) Kambar Municipality
Dokri - - Jacobabad District:
a) Jacobabad Municipality
Ghotki - - Kashmore District:
a) Kandhkot Municipality
Haala - - Shikarpur District:
a) Shikarpur Municipality
Hyderabad - - Hyderabad District:
a) Hyderabad Municipality
b) Tandojam Municipality
Islamkot - - TandoAllahYar District:
a) TandoAllahyar Municipality
Jacobabad - - Tando Muhammad Khan District:
a) Tando Muhammad Khan Municipality
Jamshoro - - Matiari District:
a) Hala Municipality
Jungshahi - - Dadu District:
a) Dadu Municipality
b) Mehar Municipality
c) K.N. Shah Municipality
Kandhkot - - Jamshoro District:
a) Kotri Municipality
Kandiaro - - Thatta District:
a) Thatta Municipality
Karachi - - Sujawal District: No urban areas
Kashmore - - Badin District:
a) Badin Municipality
b) Matli Municipality
Keti Bandar - - MirpurKhas District:
a) MirpurKhas Municipality
Khairpur - - Tharparkar District: No urban areas
Kotri - - Umerkot District: No urban areas
Larkana - - Karachi District: No urban areas
Matiari - - Sanghar District:
a) Sanghar Municipality
b) Shahdadpur Municipality
c) Tando Adam Municipality
d) Sinjhoro Municipality
Mehar - - -
Mirpur Khas - - -
Mithani - - -
Mithi - - -
Mehrabpur - - -
Moro - - -
Nagarparkar - - -
Naudero - - -
Naushahro Feroze - - -
Naushahra - - -
Nawabshah - - -
Nazimabad - - -
Qambar - - -
Qasimabad - - -
Ranipur - - -
Ratodero - - -
Rohri - - -
Sakrand - - -
Sanghar - - -
Shahbandar - - -
Shahdadkot - - -
Shahdadpur - - -
Shahpur Chakar - - -
Shikarpur - - -
Sukkur - - -
Tangwani - - -
Tando Adam Khan - - -
Tando Allahyar - - -
Tando Muhammad Khan - - -
Thatta - - -
Umerkot - - -
Warah - - -


Concluding Note:

Not only do cultural differences exist in these regions, but also the level of education, poverty, quality of life, access to facilities too, varies from each region. However, it can be safely said that Sindh urban is better off than that of Sindh rural for obvious reasons. That does not mean though, that steps are not being taken to improve the situation. Many NGOs have been set up to facilitate such areas in crises (i.e., disasters or food insecurity) or otherwise.

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