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Flag of Cabo Verde
The official name of Cabo Verde (CPV) is Republic of Cape Verde and consists of Blue, White, Red and Gold flag colors. The capital city of Cabo Verde is Praia. Cabo Verde has the total estimated population as of 2021 is 518,467 or 518.5 K based on 16 states, 22 cities. The independence day is celebrated on July 5, 1975 and the founder of Cabo Verde is Amilcar Cabral.

(518.5 K)


4,033.0 km2
(1,557.149366 sqm)






About Cabo Verde Flag

Cabo Verde flag
Cabo Verde Flag Colors   Blue
Meaning of Cabo Verde flag colors

The present flag was adopted in 1992, replacing the flag accepted during Cape Verdean independence. The four colors denote:
Blue: The vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.
White: Stands for peace.
Red: Efforts toward economic growth.
Gold: The 10 stars represent the unity among the 10 islands of Cabo Verde.

Cabo Verde Flag Proportion Ratio 3:5
Cabo Verde Flag Proportion in Decimal 1.667
Official Cabo Verde's Flag Adoption Date September 22, 1992 (31 years, 8 months ago)

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