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Flag of El Salvador
The official name of El Salvador (SLV) is Republic of El Salvador and consists of Blue, White and Gold flag colors. The capital city of El Salvador is San Salvador. El Salvador has the total estimated population as of 2021 is 6,401,240 or 6.4 M based on 14 states, 14 cities. The independence day is celebrated on September 15, 1821 and the founder of El Salvador is Manuel José Arce.

(6.4 M)


21,041.0 km2
(8,123.972182 sqm)


North America




About El Salvador Flag

El Salvador flag
El Salvador Flag Colors   Blue
Meaning of El Salvador flag colors

A triband flag relating to its different parts and an emblem. The colors tell about the following:
Blue: Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.
White: Peace and nobility. A phrase is also mentioned which translates to, “God, Union and Liberty.”
Golden: 5 stars represent the 5 nations previously a part of United States of Central America.

El Salvador Flag Proportion Ratio 3:5
El Salvador Flag Proportion in Decimal 1.772
Official El Salvador's Flag Adoption Date May 27, 1912 (112 years ago)

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