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Flag of Guatemala
The official name of Guatemala (GTM) is Republic of Guatemala and consists of Blue and white flag colors. The capital city of Guatemala is Guatemala City. Guatemala has the total estimated population as of 2021 is 15,806,675 or 15.8 M based on 22 states, 26 cities. The independence day is celebrated on September 15, 1821 and the founder of Guatemala is Juan José Arévalo.

(15.8 M)


108,889.0 km2
(42,042.260678 sqm)


North America




About Guatemala Flag

Guatemala flag
Guatemala Flag Colors   Blue
Meaning of Guatemala flag colors

This flag is quite different as it features it’s national bird on it, the rifles to show that they are unafraid to defend their country using force but the crossed olive branches show that they prefer peace. The two colors depict:
Sky blue shows that the country is located between Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.
White refers to nobility and peace.

Guatemala Flag Proportion Ratio 5:8
Guatemala Flag Proportion in Decimal 1.6
Official Guatemala's Flag Adoption Date August 17, 1871 (152 years, 10 months ago)

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