National flag of Liberia

The official name of Liberia (LBR) is Republic of Liberia and consists of Red, white and blue flag colors. The capital city of Liberia is Monrovia. Liberia has the total estimated population as of 2020 is 4,397,000 or 4.4 M based on 13 states, 17 cities. The independence day is celebrated on July 26, 1847 and the founder of Liberia is Joseph Jenkins Roberts.



About Liberia Flag

Liberia flag
Liberia Flag Colors   Red
Meaning of Liberia flag colors

Liberia’s flag is quite similar to united states’ flag, the three colors epitomize: Blue: the African continent. White: moral excellence of the nation. Also, Liberia as the foremost independent republic in Africa having western styled governance is shown through the white star. Red: the country’s courage.

Proportion 10:19
Proportion (decimals) 1.9
Flag Adoption Date August 24, 1847

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