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Flag of New Caledonia
The official name of New Caledonia (NCL) is Nouvelle-Calédonie and consists of flag colors. The capital city of New Caledonia is . New Caledonia has the total estimated population as of 2021 is 268,767 or 268.8 K based on 3 states, 3 cities. The independence day is celebrated on 12 December, 2021 and the founder of New Caledonia is .

(268.8 K)


18,575.0 km2
(7,171.84465 sqm)



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New Caledonia flag
New Caledonia Flag Colors
Meaning of New Caledonia flag colors

Blue: The blue in the flag represents both sky and the ocean

Red: Red symbolizes the blood shed by the Kanak in their struggle for independence, socialism, and unity

Green: The green colour represents the land and is existence in relationship with the ancestors

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New Caledonia Flag Proportion in Decimal 0.0
Official New Caledonia's Flag Adoption Date 15 February 1794 (None)

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