National flag of Palau

Flag of Palau
The official name of Palau (PLW) is Republic of Palau and consists of Yellow and blue flag colors. The capital city of Palau is Ngerulmud. Palau has the total estimated population as of 2021 is 20,901 or 20.9 K based on 18 states, 3 cities. The independence day is celebrated on October 1, 1994 and the founder of Palau is Roman Tmetuchl.

(20.9 K)


459.0 km2
(177.220818 sqm)






About Palau Flag

Palau flag
Palau Flag Colors   Yellow
Meaning of Palau flag colors

This flag has a straightforward interpretation. The two colors relate to:
Yellow: the disc represents moon as Palauans consider full moon to be optimal time for carrying out activities. It is also a sign of love, tranquility and peace.
Blue: relates to the ocean.

Palau Flag Proportion Ratio 5:8
Palau Flag Proportion in Decimal 1.6
Official Palau's Flag Adoption Date January 1, 1981 (43 years, 5 months ago)

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