National flag of Saint Lucia

Flag of Saint Lucia
The official name of Saint Lucia (LCA) is Saint Lucia and consists of Light blue, yellow, black and white flag colors. The capital city of Saint Lucia is Castries. Saint Lucia has the total estimated population as of 2021 is 184,000 or 184.0 K based on 11 states, 1 cities. The independence day is celebrated on February 22, 1979 and the founder of Saint Lucia is John Compton.

(184.0 K)


616.0 km2
(237.838832 sqm)


North America




About Saint Lucia Flag

Saint Lucia flag
Saint Lucia Flag Colors   Light Blue
Meaning of Saint Lucia flag colors

A quite comprehensive flag with four colors, which mean the following:
Blue: sky and sea. It entails the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
Yellow: sunshine and success of the country.
White and black: good relations of the white and black people residing in the country

Saint Lucia Flag Proportion Ratio 1:2
Saint Lucia Flag Proportion in Decimal 2.0
Official Saint Lucia's Flag Adoption Date March 1, 1967 (57 years, 4 months ago)

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