National flag of Tonga

Flag of Tonga
The official name of Tonga (TON) is Kingdom of Tonga and consists of Red and white flag colors. The capital city of Tonga is Nuku`alofa. Tonga has the total estimated population as of 2021 is 103,252 or 103.3 K based on 3 states, 2 cities. The independence day is celebrated on June 4,1970 and the founder of Tonga is George Tupou I or Tāufaʻāhau I,.

(103.3 K)


747.0 km2
(288.418194 sqm)






About Tonga Flag

Tonga flag
Tonga Flag Colors   Red
Meaning of Tonga flag colors

Tonga’s flag relates to the religion and the characteristics of the locals:
Red: Blood of Jesus and symbolizes Christianity as a whole.
White: Purity and innocence of the people.

Tonga Flag Proportion Ratio 1:2
Tonga Flag Proportion in Decimal 2.0
Official Tonga's Flag Adoption Date November 4, 1875 (148 years, 5 months ago)

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