National flag of Yemen

The official name of Yemen (YEM) is Republic of Yemen and consists of Red, white and black flag colors. The capital city of Yemen is Sanaa. Yemen has the total estimated population as of 2020 is 25,956,000 or 26.0 M based on 17 states, 26 cities. The independence day is celebrated on May 22, 1990 and the founder of Yemen is Ali Abdullah Saleh.



About Yemen Flag

Yemen flag
Yemen Flag Colors   Red
Meaning of Yemen flag colors

Yemen’s flag’s colors signal to the county’s past and the hope for future. The meaning of each color is as follows: Red: The lives lost to gain independence. White: A hope for a bright future. Black: The struggles of their past.

Proportion 2:3
Proportion (decimals) 1.5
Flag Adoption Date May 22, 1990

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