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    What Is FlagPictures.com

    FlagPictures.com is a non-profit project that is dedicated to provide you with information about every country and everything related to it While many websites provide you with just the name of the country and the associated flag, we take you on a journey through each and every country. From pictures of the flags to the meaning behind the flag, we have it all here with us. Learn, explore and discover the great secrets hidden behind eac h flag as we open the treasure box of information about every country. You can find out national anthems, composers, military flags, national symbols, color codes, regional codes and much more. Our database has all the countries from the globe. You can go through the index, moving to the next page or you can click on the respective alphabet and a list of countries starting with that alphabet will appear before you to explore. We have used a number of images and illustrations to help you understand better so we hope you will love the hard work we have put in to help you get closer to your neighbors.