Privacy Policy

Welcome to Flag Pictures website and thank you for visiting our privacy policy. Flag Pictures is a free of charge website that allows you to search, view and find Flags from around the world, learn about countries and gather information.

Flag Pictures is a drama free website which means we do not specifically store or collect personal information of our visitors; however there may be exceptions based on how you use our website and the type of information we collect from your usage. Here is an every bit of detail related to that as well.

Personal information

When you

  • Respond to an online request for personal information
  • Sign up to our newsletter and/or
  • Fill any form for surveys, queries, questionnaires or updates.
  • Communicate to us via email, call or chat.
  • Set notifications for any specific update

You give us your

  • Name
  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Which helps us to

  • provide a better user experience catering to user needs,
  • send newsletters, updates and notifications
  • respond to your query
  • carry out the activity for which the information is taken.
  • Comply with the law of the state, in case of a legal requirement.

Your data is stored in a completely secure database, used only by restricted representatives of Flag Pictures, in case it is needed, Thus keeping the confidentiality of personal information between Flag Pictures and its users.

Automatically Stored Information.

When you

  • Visit our website, search and download information.
  • Click on any link or image.
  • Configure your settings on any given page.
  • Provide data access permission.

We collect,

  • Your IP address along with the location associated with the IP address.
  • Your device information, operating system and operating version.
  • Your browser name, browser version and
  • Your browsing pattern such as date, time of visit, time spent on a specific page, your engagement to a specific page and the page you leave on.

Which helps us to,

  • Improve, customize and develop a user-friendly website.
  • Create a database required for troubleshooting, market research and analysis of the website.
  • Generate advertisements, content and images based on user preferences.
  • Fix website errors, enhance user interface and analyze traffic performance.

Cookies, Social Media, Third Party Sites and Other Identifiers.

Websites use cookies that perform several different functions along with collecting automatically stored data mentioned above. These cookies are significantly small files place visitors hard drive by the web servers designed to,

  • Identify if you are a first time visitor or a frequent user.
  • Track your behavior on a site to generate user based content.
  • Create user based commercials on site.
  • Create a user specific web page based on usage history.

Our website caters to a worldwide audience and therefore uses Social Media and Third Party Sites to give coverage, provide interesting content and create a pool of information that is related to our website but not on our platform. This privacy policy does not include nor is a part of the privacy policy of these Social Media sites and Third Party Sites.

Flag Pictures is a website that welcomes other business partners and may or may not contain links to external sites. When you click on such links, you are no longer on Flag Pictures and are subjected to the privacy policy of the site you land on.

Protection and Security

Flag Pictures does not keep use of extractors for any personal information. Our system works free from these extractions and we do not track any of your information other than tracking home servers or information that you choose to provide us.

Any extracted information whether personal or tracked through home servers is stored in a secure database. Only designated representatives have access to these databases, after going through a series of security procedures which are updated frequently.

We do not disclose or share personal information to any third party. The information extracted through cookies is used internally for website development purposes, traffic management and to understand user preferences.


Flag Pictures takes all responsibility for the accuracy of information provided on this website but it does not take responsibility of any kind for the loss or damage caused due to the use of this information.