Privacy Policy

Any personal information is saved on a secured location.

Any personal information taken on this website such as your name, full name, email address or telephone number are confidential and stored in secured location. This information is accessible only to highly designated staff, that too, during very particular occasions. We take this information only for the purpose of providing you with better service such as replying to your query.

Personal information is not released/ sold to third parties.

Your personal information is safe with us and will not be released to any third party unless it is required for any action that you have chosen to accept. In case any information is required for judicial or governmental investigations, we are forced by the law to release this information to trusted hands. Other than this, your personal information will never be disclosed to any third party even if there is a price tag to it.

Our system does not track/extract personal information.

Our system is free from tracking any personal information about its visitors therefore there is absolutely no possibility of accessing your information other than tracking the home server. Our system is only able to track the internet service provider of its visitors, which helps us to tailor the information of our visitors. Our system cannot track, use, or extract personal information such as name, number, address or any other information without consent from our visitors.

Our system tracks visits for statistical understanding.

Apart from this, our system tracks information about the number of visits which includes the times a visitor came on our website, the pages that were most visited, the page they exited on, the files that are most downloaded and which country has most visitors coming from. This helps us to make statistical data which further helps us in making our site better. The extracted statistics are not disclosed publically but are used internally for betterment of the site and managing traffic.

Cookies: We also make clear that uses cookies to store preferences. Again this only helps us to give a better experience to our visitors.

Disclaimer: takes all responsibility for the accuracy of information provided on this website but it does not take responsibility of any kind for the loss or damage caused due to the use of this information