Moldova Flag Vs Romania Flag - What's the Difference?

There’s a famous saying which says that there’s always more than to what meets the eye – same goes for flags. We know that flags represent a nation, but even the most simplistic designs have interesting stories behind them, thus flags dictate a nation’s culture along with ideology.

Coming from the same origin, Moldova and Romania are one nation separated into two halves by geopolitics. There was once a time when the two regions were the same country, sharing the same cultural traditions and same official language, Romanian. It’s not much of a surprise that both of their flags are so similar considering their rich history together.

Nations that have so much in common, have plenty of flag similarities too – the tricolored flags of Moldova and Romania feature blue, red and yellow color, reflecting the two countries’ cultural and national solidarity. These flags are oftentimes associated with Andorra and Chad too, which consist of vertical stripes of yellow, blue and red.

Though there are some obvious similarities, it is important to distinguish between each of these flags to make them stand out because of their uniqueness on a global spectrum. Tricolored flags are usually the ones that are the most popular types of flags symbolizing freedom and liberty in general.

To recognize the key differences as well as similarities that exist between the flags, let’s evaluate the basic description of each of them.

Basic Description

Moldova's Flag The vertically striped blue, red and yellow national flag makes a vibrant and appealing flag which shares resemblance with many other flags too. It features coat of arms in the centre which has an eagle. The symbolism behind it will be discussed ahead.

Romania's Flag The flag of Romania is a vertical tricolored flag consisting of blue, yellow and red color. Unlike the flag of Moldova, Romanian flag does not have any symbol on it and the colors itself have hidden meanings. The flag protocols were established in 1994.

Thoughts About Basic Description:

After a careful evaluation of both the flags, we are now aware of the fact that both the flags share the same colors, though the Moldova flag consists of a symbol of coat of arms as well as an eagle at the centre which sets it apart from Romanian flag.

Having covered the basic description part, let’s assess what each of these flags symbolize.


Moldova's Flag The colors of Moldova flag symbolize patriotism, cultural as well as national heritage and solidarity of the people. On top of that, there is a religious element in the flag too, marked by the symbol of a golden eagle holding an Orthodox Christian cross in its beak. The eagle is holding an olive branch instead of a sword symbolizes peace and harmony.

Romania's Flag The blue color on the hoist side of the flag is said to be representing liberty, while the yellow band in the centre symbolizes justice and equality. Besides that, the red band symbolizes solidarity and brotherhood within the nation. Moreover, the flag is vibrant with more depth in terms of its meaning and is influenced heavily by its history.

Thoughts About Symbolism:

The symbolism part was quite intriguing about both the flags. It’s safe to claim that besides the similarity in color and history, Moldova and Romania’s flags are very much different in terms of its meaning. Where Romania has hidden meanings behind each tricolor, Moldova seems to have more hidden meanings behind the symbol of arms and eagle.

All in all, both the flags call for peace and solidarity, however Romanian flag intelligently incorporates the olive branch instead of a sword to swear by its ideology of peace.

Having said that, let’s head on to our next aspect, which is the height-to-width ratio of each flag.

Height-To-Width Ratio

Moldova Flag Ratio The flag’s height to width ratio is divided between 1:2

Romania Flag Ratio The flag’s height to width ratio is 2:3 which is common for most flags

Thoughts About Height-To-Width Ratio:

In terms of height to width ratio, the flags differ too. Where Moldova’s flag is 1:2, Romania’s flag is 2:3, which marks as a major difference between both the flags. Although this aspect may not be very evident to the naked eye, numerically though, the difference is obvious.

Apart from that, it is also important to discuss some of the interesting facts about both the flags and to recognize how each is unique on their own because of such facts.

Interesting Facts About The Flags

Moldova Flag The least touristy and economical country of Europe features a flag that has its national animal, which is an auroch (big cow), on it. It is immortalized on the flag with its head on the shield. Though interestingly, these are extinct now.

Romania Flag Besides the having the world’s largest sausage, did you know that Romania unfurls largest flag in the world? Beating the previously held record by Lebanon, the tricolored flag of Romania covers an area estimated of around 79,290 sq metres (853,478 sq ft), which is a huge achievement in itself.

Thoughts About Interesting Facts:

Another thought-provoking aspect about both the flags is interesting facts behind them. On one hand, Romania unfurls the world’s largest flag in the world, while on the other, Moldova’s flag features an extinct national animal, both have a unique aspect to their national flags. These facts are not only recognizable on a national, but also on an international level.

Concluding Note:

After an in-depth analysis of both the flags and their similarities along with differences, it can be concluded that though most claim that both the flags are dangerously similar, there are notable differences which makes each of them stand out. The symbol on Moldova’s flag makes it unique and different than that of Romania.

Same history should not neglect differences that exist between each flag. Since flags represent a whole nation, it’s important to distinguish them, though some may look alike, if studied in detail, particularly in vexillology, it can be easier to compare and contrast each flag.

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