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Flag of Costa Rica
The official name of Costa Rica (CRI) is Republic of Costa Rica and consists of Blue, white and red flag colors. The capital city of Costa Rica is San Jose. Costa Rica has the total estimated population as of 2021 is 4,713,168 or 4.7 M based on 7 states, 13 cities. The independence day is celebrated on September 15, 1821 and the founder of Costa Rica is José María Castro Madriz.

(4.7 M)


51,100.0 km2
(19,729.8122 sqm)


North America




About Costa Rica Flag

Costa Rica flag
Costa Rica Flag Colors   Blue
Meaning of Costa Rica flag colors

Costa Rica’s flag has two blue, two white and one red vertical bar along with coat of arms on the red strip. The three colors refer to:
White: Country’s peace and wisdom.
Blue: clear skies of Costa Rica.
Red: warmth, generosity of locals and the bloods spilled while fighting for the nation.

Costa Rica Flag Proportion Ratio 3:5
Costa Rica Flag Proportion in Decimal 1.667
Official Costa Rica's Flag Adoption Date November 27, 1906 (117 years, 4 months ago)

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