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Flag of Ireland
The official name of Ireland (IRL) is Republic of Ireland and consists of Green or blue flag colors. The capital city of Ireland is Dublin. Ireland has the total estimated population as of 2021 is 6,378,000 or 6.4 M based on 26 states, 34 cities. The independence day is celebrated on January 21, 1919 and the founder of Ireland is Ireland wasn't founded. Ireland is really old, like super-old..

(6.4 M)


70,273.0 km2
(27,132.545846 sqm)






About Ireland Flag

Ireland flag
Ireland Flag Colors   Green Or Blue
Meaning of Ireland flag colors

Irish political landscape is illustrated through the three uniform sized stripes. The three colors signify:
Orange: Protestants of Ireland.
Green: Catholics of Ireland and the republican cause.
White: hope for long lasting peace between the two parties.

Ireland Flag Proportion Ratio 1:2
Ireland Flag Proportion in Decimal 2.0
Official Ireland's Flag Adoption Date 1922 (None)

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