List of 8 Countries in Nordic Council

Nordic Council flag

Nordic Council flag

The Nordic Council was founded in 1952 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is known to be the official body for the formal inter-parliamentary Nordic cooperation between the Nordic states. It has different currencies as well as official languages. Also, it has 87 representatives from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and others. The founders of the organization are Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It aims to promote cooperation among parliamentarians from its member nations which include Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark and many others. Besides that, the council meets twice a year in April and the presidency of it rotates every year too. The political agenda of the council takes place in four committees, while the decisions made by the council are considered to be recommendations to the Nordic council of ministers, who then, work on the implementation. Moreover, the council’s political parties, too, have created five Nordic party groups.
8 Member Countries


Faroe Islands