Does Dubai Own A Flag? | Is Dubai A Country?

Flags are often assumed to have originated as basic banners before changing in design and importance. They were simple to produce in comparison to other symbols. They flapped in the breeze and drew attention with their realistic movement. They were simple to carry and easy to pack and load. Flags rapidly became the preferred tool for conveying and communicating objectives, values, and beliefs.

Just like any other country, UAE also owns a flag however, there is often a misapprehension in UAE and Dubai flag as people usually tend to confuse the UAE’s flag as the official Dubai Flag since they don’t know the difference between United Arab Emirates Aka Emirates (as well as UAE) and Dubai. UAE is located at the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula (the Middle East) and shares borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia, as well as maritime borders with Qatar and Iran in the Persian Gulf. The capital is Abu Dhabi, whereas, the most populated city or say “wanted city” due to its glamorous and ostentatious life, is Dubai, as well as the international hub for the UAE.

Dubai, The Extravaganza?

Dubai city is the capital of Dubai Emirate, an absolute monarchy and one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. In the Persian Gulf region, the city is a major trade and transportation hub. Dubai grew from a fishing and pearl-hunting village in the early 18th century to a global city and due to its business and transportation facilities, it is one of the most renowned cities or say spots in the world to be visited.  Significant revenues from crude oil and natural gas exports aided in the city's rapid development. Another primary driver behind the city's extraordinary progress was supposedly the long-standing competition, or more accurately a tribal conflict, between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In recent years, Dubai has gained prominence as a destination for short luxury vacations, as it is home to the world's only seven-star hotel. The cityscape is characterized by skyscrapers, high-rise buildings, plazas and structural monuments, artificial lakes, and gardens, with the Burj Khalifa, as the world's tallest building at 829.8 meters, at its center. Dubai is certainly the heart of UAE but there is no such thing as Dubai Flag since it is merely a city!

Is Dubai a Country?

Known for its modern infrastructure, Dubai which is a city state located within United Arab Emirates (UAE), is often mistaken as an independent country. It is essential to understand that UAE comprises seven Emirates and Dubai just like that, is a part of it. While Dubai’s growth and development may make it seem like a country but actually operates within the UAE’s federal system adhering to its laws, governance and foreign policy decisions.

Over the years, the progress and growth of Dubai have been truly remarkable. This transformation can be attributed to provident urban planning, infrastructure projects and the creation of a business friendly environment. It's important to note that while Dubai’s achievements are impressive it remains a part of the UAE as a city state rather than being an independent country that collaborates with neighboring Emirates to shape the nations identity and future on the international stage.

Historic Of The UAE Flag

The flag that people usually misunderstand and take it as a Dubai flag, is basically a country flag that belongs to the whole UAE and has a significant history, a deep rooted meaning attached to it. Abdullah Mohammad Al Maainah, then 19, designed and created the flag, for which he was awarded 4,000 riyals. Abdullah Al Maainah, an Emirati teenager from Abu Dhabi who heard about the contest for the best design of the country's new flag, wasn't even made aware of the decision to go with his design until he went to the palace himself to get a sneak peek at the flag being raised for the first time in 1971. A few months later, he received the acknowledgement and cash prize, and he has since gone on to become the UAE ambassador to a number of foreign nations and countries most recently, Chile. The same day it was raised, the flag also became the sign for the nation's significance as that day, UAE was declared as an independent nation and since then every 2nd of December is celebrated as the National Day of UAE.

The flag’s width to length ratio is 1:2

Red, Green, White And Black; Colors That Define the UAE, Not Dubai!

The flag consists of four colors in total i.e. red, green, white and black; the colors of Pan-Arabism. It is basically the ideology that means the people of Arab and its states should unify as brotherhood and boost the Arab nationalism as a whole. The four colors play a huge role in showing solidarity with the other nation-states in the whole Arab world.

  • Green - symbolizes aspiration, delight, optimism, and love, it may also represent the country's prosperity
  • White - represents serenity and honesty, it is the purest of all colors, and some believe it represents cleanliness
  • Black - band, contrary to common perception, does not symbolize oil. It represents the conquest of rivals as well as mental strength
  • Red - symbolizes toughness, heroism, power, and courage. The vertical red stripe might also be regarded as uniting all of the other meanings.

Even though, all the seven emirates (cities) of UAE have their own flags including the Dubai flag that have history donating to Hinawi or the Ghafiri tribal (religious significance, in most cases) however, all the emirates come under the umbrella of one flag, i.e. the UAE flag, the only flag that has relevant history and defines every location be it landmark, city, or any other significance of UAE including Dubai.

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