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The official name of Canada (CAN) is Dominion of Canada and consists of Red and white flag colors. The capital city of Canada is Ottawa. Canada has the total estimated population as of 2020 is 35,540,419 or 35.5 M based on 10 provinces, 3 territories and 248 cities. The independence day is celebrated on July 1, 1867 and is Founded by 36 people called the "Fathers of Confederation".

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About Canada Flag

Canada flag
Canada Flag Colors   Red
Meaning of Canada flag colors

Canadian flag is quite straightforward. It has two colors, red and white, depicting different things, and a maple leaf in red in the middle. Red: Hope and progress White: Innocence and impartiality. The maple leaf is also a representation of the Canadian culture.

Proportion 1:2
Proportion (decimals) 2.0
Flag Adoption Date February 15, 1965

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Provinces/States (10)

Cities (248)

Airports (2,792)

  • Clarence Lagoon Water Aerodrome
  • Clarence and Abel Swallow Airport
  • Clarenville Airport
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