List of 6 Countries in East African Community

East African Community flag

East African Community flag

The East African Community was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Arusha, Tanzania. It comprises of six countries in the Eastern Africa namely, South Sudan, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. The largest city within the member states is called Dar es Salaam. Its main purpose is to deepen the social and economic along with political ties to eventually improve standard of living of people of East Africa. The organization hopes that through strengthening of economic, social, cultural and political integration, it will lead to prosperity within the region and thereby raise the international competitiveness along with added value to the African products and investments. One of the values of the organization includes accountability. It aims to achieve mutual support along with reciprocity of all the member states to ultimately reach its objectives.
6 Member Countries




South Sudan

Tanzania, United Republic of