National flag of Belize

The official name of Belize (BLZ) is Belize and consists of Blue, red and white flag colors. The capital city of Belize is Belmopan. Belize has the total estimated population as of 2020 is 349,728 or 349.7 K based on 6 states, 7 cities. The independence day is celebrated on Sept 21, 1981 and the founder of Belize is George Cadle Price.

North America


About Belize Flag

Belize flag
Belize Flag Colors   Blue
Meaning of Belize flag colors

Belize’s flag is quite distinct as it features a human on it, the only country to do so. The colors precisely mean: Red: United Democratic Party White: The emblem states country’s motto, “Under the shade I flourish.” Blue: People’s united party

Proportion 3:5
Proportion (decimals) 1.667
Flag Adoption Date September 21, 1981

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